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Finnish Veterinary Student Association (Eläinlääketieteen Kandidaattiyhdistys, EKY) is the student organization at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Finland. EKY organizes cultural and educational events and promotes recreational opportunities for its members. EKY seeks to promote the interests of veterinary students through student representatives in different positions both at faculty and university level and by cooperating with many organizations, such as The Finnish Veterinary Association.

EKY's roots reside in the Veterinary Medical College's student body, which was founded in 1946. When the College joined the University of Helsinki in 1995 EKY continued to operate as the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Association, a student organization under the Student Union of the University of Helsinki.

The faculty and EKY moved from Hämeentie to Viikki campus in the fall of 2004. The EKY House that had served its members well was left behind, and the new club room at the Viikki campus was named Kuopio. Nowadays Kuopio is used for hosting everything from board meetings to theme evenings and spontaneous celebrations. Kuopio is well equipped with a kitchen, a pool table, drums and a piano among various other things.

All veterinary students at the University of Helsinki pursuing their veterinary medicine licentiate undergraduate or postgraduate degree can join EKY. Membership ends automatically after graduation or failing to pay the membership fee. Alumni, faculty members and individuals/firms working with EKY wishing to support the association must be approved as supporting members by the board.

EKY is always eager to forge new connections and cooperate with other student associations and organizations working in the field of veterinary medicine around the world, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact information

Board’s email address
eky-hallitus (at)

Mail Address
Eläinlääketieteen Kandidaattiyhdistys EKY ry.
PL 66
00014 Helsingin yliopisto
Suomi Finland

Street Address
Eläinlääketieteen Kandidaattiyhdistys EKY ry.
Mustialankatu 1
00790 Helsinki
Suomi Finland



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